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NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US 2012 FDA Classification No.: 10030598 - Pressure Regulator







Why a Pod?

The RescuEAN Pod was not developed to replace authorised adult emergency Oxygen administration equipment as in all cases of Evolved Gas Disease (DCI) and regardless of symptoms, all cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and all cases of Drowning or Trauma - adult emergency Oxygen administration should be provided in accordance with current best clinical practice guidelines as issued by the following organisations or those of similar standing in your home country:

However, in some instances the above may not be possible, It is then that the RescuEAN Pod is beneficial as an emergency alternative for providing gas mixtures with an increased fraction of inspired Oxygen (FiO2) to injured divers who will benefit from increased Oxygen partial pressures during resuscitation, stabilisation and evacuation to an appropriate medical facility or while awaiting for such evacuation to occur. Due to the physiological effects of emergency Oxygen administration, the highest possible FiO2 should be achieved.  Although the Pod can be used with any Nitrox gas mix, we advocate that you use the highest possible 'decompression' mix available, or 100% Oxygen from a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) before using standard Nitrox diving mixes.

In these circumstances the Pod is designed for use during club/branch diving activities or by professional diving instructors who have a 'Duty of Care' to provide emergency Oxygen equipment as part of these organised activities as stated in the HSE Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and associated Approved Codes of Practises (ACoPs).  Branches/Clubs/Professional Divers and  Instructors should use the Pod when:

It can also be used by individual divers who do not have immediate access to an emergency Oxygen supply and are awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services. Individual Divers should use the Pod when:

Some of the photo’s received from Pod owners

  1. One way to set up a Pod on a RIB.
  2. Photo taken during a ‘Gear Test’ for a dive magazine.
  3. Who needs a St. Bernard? - Bentley is now RescuEAN’s mascot. Newfoundland’s are renown for their swimming skills...
  4. Another diver’s twin Pod set-up
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