RescuEAN Advanced Set

The ‘set’ comprises of a RescuEAN pod, pocket mask, high concentration mask as well as a Bag Valve mask (BVM).

The Pod is a rescue aid for the diver finding themselves in an emergency situation where:

The Pod has been designed for use with a casualty whether conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious.

The Pod is lightweight and compact. It is easily recognisable as the outer case is coloured International Orange and is simple to use.

Once set up, the high Oxygen mix can be given to a non-responsive casualty via a Bag-Valve Mask (or via a pocket mask with O2  inlet if a BVM is not readily available). For responsive patients, a High Concentration Oxygen Mask (Non-rebreather Mask) can be used. The Pod’s internal valve controls the airflow between 0, 15 and ‘Purge’ (25 LPM).

The Pod quickly attaches to a standard low pressure hose from the dive cylinder’s first stage and the higher the O2 concentration the better. Many of our Tech diving customers are adding an additional LP hose to their stage cylinder as it normally has the higher Oxygen concentration.

Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) users also are adding a shortened LP hose to their emergency kit.

The Pod is constructed of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, ABS plastic, nylon and rubber - making the Pod robust and corrosion resistant. There are no lubricants used within the Pod. The ‘O’ rings within the valve assembly are those recommended for use with Medical & O2 equipment (within normal dive temperature range).

Stem/Coupler choice?

It has been found that for the majority of divers, either their usual BCD or dry suit LP hose will fit the Pod’s standard stem/ coupler directly. More specifically, the stem/coupler fitted as standard allows the Pod to connect with MIFLEX, Mares, Cressi, Scuba Pro, etc., and with many Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) such as the Megalodon.

If you have AP Valve equipment or Inspiration/Evolution Rebreather CCR systems, the Pod can be fitted with a ‘longer’ stem to fit this manufacturer's kit.

Otherwise, the Replacement Kit which includes 1 x stem/coupler, 2 x cable ties, 1 x nylon inner adaptor and fitting instructions is available from the product page.

While these two options cater for the majority of low pressure hose connections, there are a few specialised types (i.e. Air 2000) that will not fit into the channel on the Pod. An obvious solution is to purchase a standard low pressure hose and fit to a spare outlet on the 1st stage.

In addition, for closed circuit rebreather (CCR) users, having a shortened LP hose made-up will mean the equipment is always ready for use in an emergency.  A low pressure hose between 6” to 10” is normally ideal - but depends on the make of the CCR.

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NATO NSN Code: 4220-99-930-3359

US FDA Classification No.: 10030598

As a Pressure Regulator

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