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RescuEAN Limited

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Surrey, SM7 3PP, United Kingdom.

Registered UK Limited Company No.: 06010610  

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The RescuEAN Pod is sold warranted free from defects in material and workmanship.

NOTE: If RescuEAN receives a written/emailed complaint from you in respect of goods found to be defective in respect of materials or workmanship within 30 days of delivery - RescuEAN, after it has had a reasonable time to investigate and examine the goods, shall be entitled at its option to repair or replace the defective goods or refund the purchase price - see Terms & Conditions.

In addition, RescuEAN will replace the Pod should it suffer from excessive corrosion within three years of purchase or if there is leakage within the control valve requiring ‘O’ ring replacement, this will be repaired free of charge.

NOTE: However, it is required that the Pod be rinsed thoroughly in clean freshwater after emersion in salt or inland water (just as you would with your other dive equipment) and ‘blown’ through with air or Nitrox by connection to a pressurised LP hose before storing until next use. Within the first three years of purchase, if the Pod is returned for whatever reason - RescuEAN may not replace the Pod if these maintenance recommendations cannot be seen to have been carried out. Should this be the case, RescuEAN will make every effort to help you to maintain your dive safety by offering a replacement Pod at a discounted price.

This Warranty does not affect your statuary rights but no claim will be entertained in respect of any goods which have been repaired or altered in any way or have been the subject of any accident or damage caused by any innocent, wilful or negligent act or omission of the Customer or through use not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or by circumstances beyond the control of RescuEAN or goods which cannot be shown to have been supplied by RescuEAN Limited or its worldwide Distributor network.  Please retain your sales invoice.

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